Recent Updates to the lockdown in Shanghai

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Key policies have been enforced by the Shanghai's government, in regards to the covid situation affecting the #supplychain:

-Strict isolation areas have been set up - which include areas such as loading and stacking bays

-All logistical equipment should be disinfected at least twice a day

-All vehicles used in logistics movements should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, whereby all logistic personnel entering and leaving enterprises must hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate with ensuring antigen tests are carried out on site.

Updates regarding operations:

Warehouses and depots have gradually started to resume operation, which dated back from May 16th. Some warehouses will be operating with limited staff, with operating 24hours a day, but with limited warehouse bookings. Some of the depots are running as usual in Shanghai, but it has been reported some of the export volumes have dropped, with depots running at full capacity.

Air Freight & operations within the Airports:

Shanghai Pudong airport has shown recent statistics that the airport is supporting more than 100 cargo flights per day.

It has been reported that Shanghai Pudong airport has handled 3,972 tons of cargo and 3,339 trucks per day, which is up from 37% to 39%, compared to what was reported at the beginning of April.

As recent new policies have been enforced by the Shanghai government along with new control measures, the two major airports have still managed to remain normal operation, supporting usual flights, takeoff, landing and ground support, and also ensuring the cargo operation remains supported.

Conditions within the port:

It has been reported, that in March and April of 2022, the daily average container count through Yangshan port was 66,000 TEUS and 59,000 TEUS respectively up to 90% from 85% of the average of the first quarter.

Operation within the ports is still coping and is expected to stay stable going into June.


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