International Operators Licences:Hauliers

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On the 21st of May, HMRC would have put a new law in place for international operators license's. What this will mean, UK freight drivers that are operating Light Goods Vehicles (LGVS), will need to ensure they have an international operator's license to transport goods in/into Europe.

This new legislation was put as a part of the new border control policies resulting from the UK's exit from Europe. It will be required by all UK freight businesses operating LGVs, including vans and cars with trailers over 2.5 tones to transport goods in Europe.

The current rule within the UK transport industry is UK drivers are required to have an HGV qualification and an operation license (O License) to transport goods within the UK. While previously the O license also covered transporting goods in Europe, from Saturday 21st May UK hauliers must now have an ‘international goods vehicle operator license, as well as an O license to operate in Europe.

The current haulier licensing in the UK works as such:

There is currently a £254 fee to apply for a national operating license, plus a further £254 in order to make a change to an existing license, including applying for an international operating license. Businesses are also required to pay a £449 licensing fee, which must be renewed every 5 years.

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