Fuel surcharges: Does the government need to act?

Posted on Friday, May 20, 2022 by Jack BurnhamNo comments

Over the last few days, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has been providing evidence to a Treasury official and MP's, along with support from logistics UK and members Paul Abbott, Group Director, Knights of Old, and Lesley O’Brien of Freightlink.

The RHA decided that critical measures were required in ensuring something was put in place for current fuel surcharges across the logistics sector, due to the recent high increase in fuel surcharges. RHA and UK logistics members put forward that an introduction of an essential user rebate should be put in place, to ensure that the current high fuel surcharges do not lead to greater inflationary pressure.

The current fuel surcharges that have been provided to hauliers in the last few months have seen a significant increase. This has seen to either affect hauliers with providing transport or leaving consumers with higher bills to pay due to this recent inflation surcharge issue. RHA and its members also discussed comparisons to our surcharges compared to EU countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Belgium, where there are current diesel rebates in place for commercial operators.

Supported source: RHA

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